The track names for my audio discs do not display properly when I put the disc in my computer. Is something wrong with my discs?


No, the information (metadata) about a disc and its tracks that you see when you listen to an audio CD with a program like iTunes or Windows Media Player come from various online databases. iTunes and Winamp (www, get their metadata from Gracenote, a database that Zondervan maintains. All new audio titles and many of our older titles will have the correct data for these players. Windows Media Player gets it metadata from This service focuses primarily on music and movies and does not provide a way for publishers to easily work with them in providing metadata. Many audio books will display no information. The Bible Experience displays the wrong information because it actually picks up metadata from a different audio Bible product. We are working with a number of sources to attempt to fix this issue. If you do not want to change media players, you can right click on the play list that appears when you insert the disc and select 'Find Album Info' from the menu. The dialog box that appears will give you the ability to search for the correct title. Once we are able to correct the metadata this will update your play list. If the correct album is not found, you are given the opportunity to enter the information manually.

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