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You are requesting support for an app is no longer available for sale.  As such, we are no longer able to provide any technical support. The app you currently have installed on your device will continue to function until the operating system undergoes an update radical enough to render the app obsolete.  While we would like to be able to provide support for apps indefinitely, constant changes in technology make it impossible.  We hope you have enjoyed using your app and appreciate your patronage.  You may find the FAQs below helpful.

How much content can I share via Facebook, Twitter and email?

Due to the limitations of Twitter and to other legal issues, we allow a maximum of 140 characters when sharing via Facebook, Twitter and email. The 140 character limit includes the link.

Why do I have to enter my email to use the app?

Entering your email enables two key features:

  • You can transfer your purchases of other Thomas Nelson / Zondervan devotional apps into Devotionals Daily. For example, if you register your email with another app like Jesus Calling and use the same email in Devotionals Daily, then you have immediate access to Jesus Calling within Devotionals Daily.
  • It allows us to record your in-app purchases. This way, if you ever need to re-install the app, you can restore your content.

I can't remember the email address that I used to originally register for Jesus Calling or other Thomas Nelson/Zondervan Devotional Apps.

Go ahead and register 

When you download the Devotionals Daily app, it will ask for your email. Fill in the email box and then touch the bottom icon that says Settings on the home screen of the Devotionals Daily™ App. You will then proceed to touch the ME Section. Change your email address in this section and the application will ask you to verify that you want to make the change. Press Ok. Now you will be directed back to the Home Screen and your previous content (i.e. Jesus Calling) will be available. Please note: Only content that you have purchased from Jesus Calling, Live Loved, Grace for The Moment Am, Grace for the Moment PM, and Jesus Today will be restored onto your own shelf, inside the application. If you have entered in an email address that you registered and your content is still not showing up, one of the two things have happened:

1. You only had the Lite Version of the previous App.

2. You still have the application, however when you registered you used a different email then you are typing in Devotionals Daily™ Settings.

3. Consider that perhaps, you never registered your previous app.


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    Cindy Koegel Worthington

    I love the app but I've purchased the Grace for the Moments - Morning and Evening- and they don't show up on my bookshelf. I also have trouble getting my prayers to save and show up. What to do? Help please!