Heaven Is for Real for Kids App FAQs



You are requesting support for an app is no longer available for sale.  As such, we are no longer able to provide any technical support. The app you currently have installed on your device will continue to function until the operating system undergoes an update radical enough to render the app obsolete.  While we would like to be able to provide support for apps indefinitely, constant changes in technology make it impossible.  We hope you have enjoyed using your app and appreciate your patronage.  You may find the FAQs below helpful.

I want to contact Colton Burpo and his family.

You can find contact information for the Burpos at (www.heavenisforreal.net). However, if you have a question or issue with the app, please read the FAQs below.

I disagree with something in this story and would like you to make a change.

This story is not taken from the Bible. It is Colton Burpo's memoir of his experience visiting heaven. We have relayed the story exactly as Colton experienced it. Since it is Colton's story and not a Biblical story, we cannot make any changes to the text.

I am having trouble with the sound effects.

The touch points for each sound effect are marked with a small glowing orb. It is easy to accidentally touch one of those when turning the page. Watch carefully where you touch to ensure you are not inadvertently touching a glowing orb.

I am having trouble recording my own version of the story.

Make sure you touch the "stop" button at the end of each page while recording, then turn the page and touch the "record" button to continue recording on the new page. This will not erase your previous recording and will ensure a smooth recording process. Also, make sure you speak into the microphone in your device so your recording will be loud and clear!

I am having trouble sending a postcard or sharing a coloring page / puzzle via Facebook or Twitter.

On Apple devices, Facebook and Twitter sharing are controlled in your device's Settings. If you are having problems sharing to Facebook or Twitter from the One Thousand Gifts app, it's likely that you need to change your device's social media settings. For more information on how to do this, please visit (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5500)

You also have to be logged in to your Facebook or Twitter account to be able to share to those social networks.

I am having trouble sending a postcard or sharing a coloring page / puzzle via email.

Please make sure the email function on your device is working correctly. If you do not have sufficient cell service or if you are not connected to a wireless network, you may have difficulty with your email. 

I think this app is too expensive.

We do our best to price all of our apps and in-app purchases fairly, and to provide as much value for our customers as possible for the price. We also will occasionally put our in-app purchases and apps on sale, so keep an eye out for those.

Why isn't the app free when you purchase the book?

Apps cost a lot of money to produce—just like physical books or ebooks—so we have to charge for them in order to keep producing great content. However the app is less expensive than the physical book in order to make it more affordable for anyone who wants to own both.

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