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The Lite version of this app is no longer available.  As such, we are no longer able to provide any technical support. The app you currently have installed on your device will continue to function until the operating system undergoes an update radical enough to render the app obsolete.  While we would like to be able to provide support for apps indefinitely, constant changes in technology make it impossible.  We hope you have enjoyed using your app and appreciate your patronage.  You may find the FAQs below helpful.

What is the difference between the lite and full version of the app?

The lite version is completely free and is designed to give you a feel for what the full, paid version of the app is like before you purchase. It contains only a sample of the full content. 

Why isn't the app free when you purchase the book?

Apps cost a lot of money to produce—just like physical books or ebooks—so we have to charge for them in order to keep producing great content. However the app is less expensive than the physical book in order to make it more affordable for anyone who wants to own both.  

Why can't I copy the entire devotional and email it to my friends?

This is a copyright issue that protects our authors and their content. You can share 140 characters of each devotional via Twitter, Facebook, and email, but you cannot share the entire devotional.

Is there a way to back-up my notes?

As long as you back-up your device regularly, you should never lose your notes.

I'm having trouble sharing to Facebook or Twitter from the app

On Apple devices, Facebook and Twitter sharing are controlled in your device's Settings. If you are having problems sharing to Facebook or Twitter from the app, it's likely that you need to change your device's social media settings. For more information on how to do this, please visit (

You also have to be logged in to your Facebook or Twitter account to be able to share to those social networks.

I'd like to contact Max Lucado with feedback, a question, or a prayer request.

Please visit Max Lucado's Facebook page at ( Max's team checks this page often.

I gifted the app to a friend, but he or she has not received it.

An email about the gifted app comes from Apple and can sometimes get caught in spam filters. Have your friend check their spam or junk folder on their email client.

If your friend still doesn't get the gift email and it is not in their spam / junk folder, contact Apple and include the receipt number you were given when you purchased the gift. Apple controls all purchases through iTunes and the App Store and we cannot access that information.

For more information, visit (

I purchased the app, but it didn't download or is no longer on my device.

If for some reason the app does not appear on your device, go to the app store and tap it again to re-download for free. You will not be charged twice for the same app even if you see a pop-up asking you to confirm or enter your password. If you are re-charged, please contact Apple for a refund. We cannot access the store or your account to provide a refund, Apple must do it.

For more information, visit (

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